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Owner Info+

Monday, December 21st, 2009

logo_57If you accidentally leave your iPhone somewhere you might want to leave a message on the wallpaper with your info. If somebody collects your iPhone, he/she will be able to contact you with this valuable info.

This Owner Info+ application provides following features that will help you to get your lost iPhone back -
*You can leave your valuable contact information on your wallpaper. People who collect your iPhone will read the info even if your phone is locked.
*Setup multiple phone numbers inside this app.
*One-Touch to dial you number. (Only available on iPhone devices)
*Email feature that you can setup email addresses to receive messages.
*Customizable reward amount if you want to award somebody who returns your iPhone.



Setup your basic information, phone number and emails by clicking the edit button on the top right and you’ll be good to go.

*Wallpaper Feature

Click the wallpaper setting button on the bottom right and you’ll enter the wallpaper screen. Follow the instruction there and you can setup wallpaper easily.