BP Tracker
December 21st, 2009

BHI_026_BPTracker_Logo512_1.0.0BP Tracker is the most recent and powerful blood pressure tracking tool on app store. You can use this to easily log your BP, HR, medication and other useful information on your iPhone.

The application is easy to use and offers a powerful graphing that shows your weekly/monthly/quarterly BP trend. The chart also supports scrolling and making a snapshot to be sent via email.

Install our BP Tracker today to make you healthier!!

- Easy-to-use and streamlined interface to input your data.
- Powerful graphing that shows weekly/monthly/quarterly trend.
- Graph supports scrolling.
- Graph supports snapshot.
- Log your medication data.
- Facts module shows tips to help you maintain a normal blood pressure level.
- Supports to write notes for each bp entry.
- Keep your basic info on your iPhone.


Car Log
December 21st, 2009

BHI_025_CarLog_Logo512_1.0.0Car Log is designed to help you understand and track your gas mileage (MPG), maintenance and other cost. Maintaining records of gas filling, usage and mileage has never been so easy before.

You can use this application to track one car or multiple cars. Its powerful charts and easy-to-use logging system will help you take better care of your cars.

- MPG Tracker: Log fuel and watch the trend of your fuel economy.
- Service Tracker: Log maintenance and other miscellanies cost of your car.
- Powerful and scrollable chart that helps you to watch the mpg over a week/month/quarter.
- Easy-to-use and streamlined user interface
- Support basic vehicle info i.e. VIN, license, photos, make, model, etc.
- Support multiple cars
- Support US or metric units
- Support gallons or liters
- Support multiple currencies



1. Add your vehicle at “Vehicle” tab.
2. Set units and currency at “Setting” tab.
3. Add fuel records at “Fuel” tab.
4. View MPG trend at “Tracker” tab.

Tip Calculator
December 21st, 2009

BHI_024_TipCalc_Logo512_1.0.0Tip Calculator – With Expense Tracker is the most powerful tip app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can use it to easily calculate a tip or split a bill. It also includes a powerful meal expense tracker that tracks your meal expenses over time.

- Easy-to-Use interface
- Split check among multiple people
- Numeric keypad
- Customizable tipping rate and tax rate
- Logging your meal expenses and tracking them on a graphical chart
- Rounding on check or tip
- Sound effects
- Shake to clear numbers
- Email meal expense to your friend
- Take a snapshot of your meal expenses

Kids Info
December 21st, 2009

BHI_020_KidsInfo_Logo512_1.0.0Kids Info is an information manager for parents to keep kids useful info such friends, contacts, allergies, medications, notes and photos on iPhone.

- Support multiple kids
- Keep kids medication information on your iPhone
- Manage allergies info of your kids
- Manage friends of your kids and their info i.e. name, address, phone, parents
- Locate friends address on map
- On touch to call phone number
- Manage photo galleries of your kids


Pets Info
December 21st, 2009

BHI_021_PetsInfo_Logo512_1.0.0Pets Info is the most powerful organizer and information manager that help you to keep important info such as registration, microchip, medication, veterinary and photos of your pets on your iPhone.

- Pet list where you can add multiple pets.
- Basic info such as name, registration, microchip and date of birth.
- Medical info of your pets.
- Photo galleries.
- Email the photos of your pets.
- Vet info where you can put veterinary information.
- Map module shows the location of a vet.
- One-touch phone call to a vet.

Coke Tracker
December 21st, 2009

BHI_020_CokeTracker_Logo512_1.0.0Ever wondered how much coke you drink? Our Coke Tracker application will calculate your coke consumption, calorie intake and cost on buying coke on your iPhone and provide feedback over time.

- Dynamic chart that tracks daily cost on buying coke.
- Dynamic chart that tracks calorie intake.
- Support multiple coke brands/types.
- Show total money spent and coke consumed after using this app.


Julian Week Calc
December 21st, 2009

BHI_019_JulianWeekCalc_Logo512_1.0.0Ever wondered what is the week number for today? This application is the easiest way to find out the week number for today or any given date. It works with Julian, US and ISO/European Standard.

- Extremely easy to use
- Show week number for today
- Show week number for any given date
- Show date range for any given week number

Coin Flip DIY
December 21st, 2009

BHI_018_CoinFlipDIY_Logo512_1.0.0Pizza or Burger?
Jane or Beth?
Obama or McCain?

Ever had a tough decision to make? Now with our innovative Coin Flip DIY app you can create your own coins from your own images!!

Our Coin Flip DIY is the only coin app on the App Store that supports to create your customized coins!

- Create coin image from your photo albums.
- Create coin image from iPhone camera.
- Zoom and move your image to fit the coin.
- Classic coins built-in.


Coffee Tracker
December 21st, 2009

icon_512512Ever wondered how much coffee you drink? Our Coffee Tracker application will calculate coffee consumption and cost on buying coffee on your iPhone and provide feedback on your coffee consumption over time.

- Dynamic chart that tracks daily coffee consumption.
- Dynamic chart that tracks daily cost on buying coffee.
- Support multiple coffee brands/types.
- Support multiple locations.
- Show total money spent and coffee consumed after using this app.



Drink Less – Alcohol Tracker
December 21st, 2009

icon_512512Ever wondered how much alcohol you drink? Our Drink Less alcohol tracker will calculate alcohol units, keep a personal drinks diary on your iPhone and provide feedback on your drinking over time.

- Dynamic chart that tracks daily alcohol consumption.
- Track your cost on buying drinks.
- Support multiple alcohol brands/types.
- Show money saved and alcohol intake decreased after using this app.
- Useful facts that help you drink less alcohol.
- Setup your drink less message on your wallpaper to warn you even if you iPhone is locked.